European travelers says:


         ''Hospitality, honesty and truthfulness are universally ascribsed to Turks. The traveller just quoted, whose researches led him into those parts of Asia Minor where the Turks are most primitive, particularly refers to these qualities. ''They are'' says he indeed given to hospitality. It was proffered to me by all rank-from the Pasha to the peasant -in his tent among the mountains, and was tendered as a thing of course, without the idea of any return being made. No question was asked; distinction of nation or religion, of rich and poor, was not thought of; but ''Food the stranger'' was universal law.''

        The Turkish Empire, London ts, p. 295

        the other:

        ''The poorer, the humbler a Turk is, the better he is; as he mixes with the world, and he gets money and power, he deteriorates. In the lowest class I have some times found truth, honesty and gratiude; in the midlle class, seldom; in the highest, never.''

        The Turkish Empire, London ts, p. 296 (Prof. Dr. Tuncer Baykara, Türk Türklük ve Türkler, s.207)


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