Hungary narrowly avoids ethnic conflict.



Due to support for gipsy-crime (regular light sentences for serious crimes for gipsyes) and the resulting destruction of public safety, life in many villages in Hungary has become almost unbearable for Hungarian residents.

The Jobbik party seeking to create political capital out of the problem sent high profile paramilitaryes into 2 villages.

The liberals responded by travelling to the villages and inciting the gipsyes.

The village of Gyöngyöspata has become a center of attention.

An idenependent paramilitary group called the Véderő (defense force) also saught to gain attention from the situation, purchased an abandoned house and property and announced the holding of their annual training camp near the village.

The liberals and gipsy racist groups staged an "evacuation" of the village coinciding with the training camp - in order to claim to the international jewish media that "gipsyes were fleeing" paramilitaryes in Hungary. (the paramilitary in question numbers less than 10 men, and the village is full of 400 police)

The "evacuation" was carried out with the help of the Hungarian red cross misusing public funds (whose local leader is also a jew), and was funded by American-jewish businessman Richard Field who lives in Hungary, and also funded the campaign of the jewish extremist party LMP in the Hungarian elections.

The police arrested the paramilitary group members several minutes after the "evacuation" in order to deflate the fraudulent claim - but since the arrest had no legal basis they were later released. The international media is making noise despite this.

After returning home the "evacuated" gipsyes attacked bystanders without provocation. Tension was and is high between gipsyes and Hungarians.

Two days ago a group of 80 gipsyes armed with metal bars, and thick sticks attacked 4 hungarians belonging to paramilitary groups - the individuals were badly beaten but survived. (a personal acquaintance of mine amongst them) That incident deflated the situation somewhat, the police are investigating, and the gipsyes are running, but tensions are still high and the country is still on the road to conflict. (1-2 years maximum)

This conflict is in the interest of jews who hope to kill or expell hungarians in this way, and excuse a "humaniatarian" "civil rights" etc. etc. dictatorship.

Hungarian affairs at this time are extremely active.

 We are sorry for our Hungarians Brothers who were attacked by gipsy bastards. I hope they gonna be all right.

 Gipsies are thieves and a bunch of social parasites in everywhere. There will be a big problem four Hungarian people. I bet that jews, liberals leftist commie monkeys always support gipsies despite of their crimes agains Hungarian brothers.

 In Turkey, kurds are a big problem than gipsies. However, gipsies have clash with kurds many times :D because of disagreement of crime share :D Gipsies are also drug sellers, pimps, petty thieves like kurds. Sometimes Turkish people got angry and attacked gipsies too because of their disgusting crimes:D

For instance


Thank you for your kind words Turk-Kan Anda. Yes fortunately no one died.

The gipsy problem is more serious in Hungary they are being used by the liberals and those who control the state as a tool to attack Hungarians. To keep people too busy to bother with their crimes.

In other states the gipsyes are kept in line in Hungary they are not.

The jews also want a war between gipsyes and Hungarians so many people will die, so many people will leave the country, so they can excuse a foreign occupation. And things do seem as there will be a war.

--- Alıntı ---However, gipsies have clash with kurds many times  because of disagreement of crime share
--- Alıntı sonu ---

Yes indeed there was a story about that in Hungary - a local gang of gipsyes beat a Hungarian and a kurdish refugee badly. The next day 2 vans full of Kurds came down from Budapest with guns and started to look for the gipsyes - the gipsyes would not come out of their houses for 2 weeks. If there is a war in Hungary it is not unlikely some Kurds will be involved too, fighting against the gipsyes - and this would be a great opportunity for the PKK too for the price of a few guns, and a few fighters they would gain significant advantages.


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