Gönderen Konu: Real Faces of dishonourful armenian bandits  (Okunma sayısı 3617 defa)

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Real Faces of dishonourful armenian bandits
« : 31 Aralık 2007, 00:42:55 »
 This event was real and an evidence of Armenians genocide lies. Text was translated by Oghuz Khan who is a member of www.turania.com

 Please send this text to all Turanians to learn armenian lies


" I Am writing this , in order to show my reaction to the words of funeral demostrators and to prove that WE ARE TURKS ; THANK GOD None of us ARE ARMENIANs "

February 26th , 1992

A pregnant woman was lying on the floor and there were 2 Armenian soldiers with a couple of AK-47 (Russian made) rifles . And they started to speak ;

-Akchik, manch ?.. (A girl or A Boy ? )

-Akchik... (Girl)

The Armenian soldier who said " Boy " has gauged the baby out of the pregnant woman's fetus . And his bloody eyes were focused to the hip of the baby .

-Tun shahetsar, ynger... (You won , Comrade )

-Yes shahetsapayts ays bubriky inch bes bidigishdana... (I win , but how is this baby going to be feed ? )

-Mayrigy bedge gishdatsine. (Her mother of course )

The shorter Armenian stabbed the breasts of the mother and cut them into four pieces .

-Mayrig yerahayin zizdur. (Feed the baby )

In another town of Khojaly , Armos were about to play a football game . The bars were the heads of 2 Azeri women , but there was no ball . One of the Armenians has found a bald child and cheered ;

-Asixn ma/, chimi yev byzdyge, aveg gyndyrnadabidi. Gydyresek... (This one is hairless and small . Cut (his head ) off )

The head of the child was thorn apart by an axe , and Armenians were crying as victorious .

Either these two murders were taken place in Khojaly ; and Armenian gangs slaughtered hundreds of people
in Khojaly . And each of these two evidences were translated from the words of eye-witnesses .
Turkish newspapers have informed every Turkish citizen about this inhumanity and the World presses also demand for incoming news from Turkish articles .

New York Times

Nov. 26th 1992 ;
Armenian Armed forces , heavily equipped , and 366th Russian Motorize Regiment under the command of Colonel Zarvigarov situated in Hankendi ; attacked to Khojaly . IT was one of the most atrocious massacre of History .

366th Motorize regiment has attacked to the Khojaly Airport , and the communication wires , lines were cut off . Armenians ( under the command of Russians ) have attacked the defenceless city and children , elder , women , babies were brutally exterminated .

Inhumanic atrocities took place in Khojaly . Armenians skinned the heads of living people ; and some of them were tortured systematically or used in Medical Experiments . The men who resisted this inhumanic treatment were killed .
Armenians dismembered the people by axes , large saws ; raped and skinned the heads of young girls . The baskets were fulfilled with heads.

- What was the reason of this animosity and vile treatment ?

IN Armenia , the maps illegally show 12 provinces of Turkiye inside their border . IN Armenian swabs, there exist the picture of Mount Agri . National Anthem of Armenia says
" Our territories are occupied
In order to liberate them ;
DIE and KILL . "

56 pregnant ( babyless ) women were found dismembered ; However just 613 was the official report of killings. And it is obvious that the casualties will never be known .

1275 were captivated , 487 were heavily wounded and the rest has run away from this vile assault . But the souls of the survivors shall never forget the bloody days of illegal invasion .

Noone has believe in the words of eyewitnesses first . However when the journalists went to Khojaly , they understood that the words included no exaggerations .
The sentences of the French Journalist has again proven us the barbarity ;
Jean Yves Jounet : " I 've listened to many war stories . I 've heard about the tortures of the Fascists . I hope anyone will be an eyewitness of such a inhumanic holocaust " .

Who was responsible of this genocide then ? IT was Robert Kocharian . HE promoted in Dashnak Zoutioun because of his heroic (!) attitudes . Levon Ter Petrosian could not handle the " threats " of extremists and he was forced to sign out because his wish was to make a peace in Karabagh . ( March 30th 1996 )
After this quit , Robert the Butcher of Khojaly has been the prime minister of Armenia ."

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Ynt: Real Faces of dishonourful armenian bandits
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Typical Armenians.

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